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No more compromises: The evomove®, as an innovative FES system, offers you unprecedented possibilities for the lower extremities.

Specialist Information about the evomove®


The evomove® is an aid for individual functional electrical stimulation in the gait. It has two channels, each of which allows one muscle group to be innervated. This is possible on both the lower leg and the thigh. A total of 5 muscle groups of the lower extremities can be selected. The electrodes, which stimulate the motor nerves, are placed individually and transferred to a custom-made cuff or shorts. With a gear-specific configuration of the stimulation parameters in the evomove® app, users can be optimally supported. In addition, the evomove® can also be used as an orthosis component, so the best of two technologies can be combined: activity, dynamics and stability when walking with FES and stance stability as well as orthopedic correction with the orthosis.


Before fitting with the evomove®, an initial adjustment, a so-called screening, must be carried out by trained partners. With the help of the screening kit purchased as part of the training and the accessories it contains, the optimal electrode position is determined and the individually suitable stimulation parameters are defined. A protected partner area in the app serves as a guide and configuration guide for this purpose. Users can only change a few settings within a defined framework.

Gait Benefits

1a Musculus gluteus maximus

Activation of hip joint extensors to support rotational stability and the forward motion during stance phase

1b Musculus gluteus medius and minimus

Activation of hip joint abductors to prevent instability of the pelvis in load phase

2a Musculus quadriceps femoris

Active knee stability
Active knee extension in preparation for and during load transfer
→ Keeping body in an upright position when having flexed gait pattern

2b Hamstring muscles

Avoidance of genurecurvatum
Knee flexion helps initiating the swing phase
Controlling the lower leg while swinging forward

3a Musculus triceps surae

Avoidance of genu recurvatum through active knee stability
Active push-off and initiation of knee flexion

3b Musculus tibialis anterior

→ Active ankle lock provides pronation and supination stability and prepares for load transfer
Increased foot lift in dorsiflexion

Product Components

Control Unit

The control unit is the heart of the evomove®. It performs everything from gait detection to the electrical impulse.
Practical: With our moulding dummy and the mount, you can install the control unit directly into the orthosis.

evomove® App

With the evomove® app you bring a powerful FES-system via Apple Watch or smartphone to life:
Evomotion-Partner configure the stimulation in a separate area of the app so that it ideally supports the user while walking. Users activate the stimulation and adjust the intensity to their own daily form.

Cuff or Shorts

We manufacture the cuffs and shorts individually for each user to be able to offer a perfect fit on the leg and a high level of comfort. It is connected to the control unit by cable and holds the electrodes in the correct position on the skin.

Sophisticated Functions:
More Scope, more Possibilities

Stimulate two Muscle Groups Independently

Two-channel FES-system

You can stimulate two muscle groups simultaneously and use the app to precisely set the timing for each muscle group.

Free Positioning of the Electrodes

For an ideal activation of the musculature

During the screening, use the enclosed adhesive electrodes to determine the best position for optimal muscle response.

Stimulation with Precision

All parameters at one glance

Adjust the stimulation to the individual needs of the user with the settings for intensity, timing, pulse width and frequency.

Integrated & Intelligent Motion Detection

Adaptive gait recognition without foot switch.

The evomove® is equipped with a 6D inertial sensor that detects the walking movement. An adaptive algorithm finds the right time for stimulation.

Preconditions for the Use of the evomove®

For more detailed questions, please contact an Evomotion partner and read the instructions for use and enclosed product information, if applicable.


• Adults and children from the age of 6
• Ability to walk and stand (supported by orthosis)
• Motor and mental abilities to operate the evomove®
• Good response to electrical stimulation
• Good compliance (e.g. painless application)


Limited walking ability due to central nervous disorders such as:

• Stroke (Apoplexy)
• Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
• (infantile) Cerebral Palsy (CP)
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Incomplete Paraplegia


Absolute Contraindications:

• Malignant injuries in the stimulation area
• Inflammation of superficial veins/thrombophlebitis Thrombosis
• Local fractures or lesions
• Skin mantle changes or skin injuries in the stimulation area
• Uncompensable mental limitations that prevent the basic functions of the app (switching on/off, setting the stimulation intensity) from being used
• Responsible care by a relative or third parties, provided the caregiver is not able to supervise every application of the evomove®
• Basic loss of walking motion
• Pregnancy, concerns include full duration

Relative Contraindications (Use only with a medical clearance):

• Seizure disorders (e.g. epilepsy)
• Severe obesity
• Use of pacemakers or defibrillators
• Concerns of metal implants in the area of application
• Existing skin diseases or known sensitive skin (dermatological monitoring of use recommended)

Screening Kit

With the screening kit, you record the patient’s data, which are necessary for the production of the individualized evomove®, based on a test fitting.

Control Unit with Screening Cuff & Holder 

The evomove® stimulation unit as the central element is placed with the holder on the cuff during screening. You use the screening cuff to attach the evomove® to the affected leg. Thanks to the velcro surface, you have all the freedom to find the best position. Of course, the system can be worn over an orthosis or without orthosis.

Supplies with Adhesive Electrodes, Electrode Cables, USB Power Supply & Cable

You use the self-adhesive electrodes during screening to find the best position for triggering a muscle contraction, with the cable the electrodes are connected to the control unit.

evomove® App
and Partner Card

The applications for the technical configuration of the stimulation are available for iOS devices. An Evomotion partner card is included in the screening kit. With this card you unlock the area for your app that you need for the screening. Simply scan the QR code when you start the Evomotion app and get started in the partner area.

and Suggestions

Not visible, but still in the screening kit is our full support for all questions regarding the use of the evomove®. Together with you, we want to enable innovative treatments that sustainably improve the quality of life of users.

Information Material to Download

Configuration Sheet to Order

Information Flyer for Professionals

Technical Data Sheet

How do I get the Screening Kit?

To become an Evomotion-Partner you need to participate in our training and purchase at least one Screening Kit. Then you are ready and prepared.

Do you still have questions about the evomove®?

We look forward to your message and to being able to help you.


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